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To promote our AllYourSearch search engine, we developed a list of over 8,000 keywords that we bid on to drive traffic to our search results pages.  We developed software that was able to identify the current bid prices on many of these search engines and optimize our individual bids to maximize our ROI.  By working with all major pay-per-click engines, we were able to serve resutls to thousands of visitors every day.  Monitoring the effectiveness of our campaigns on each search engine enabled us to dynamically adapt our bids.
To promote our SearchSquire software, we developed and executed CPM pop up ad campaigns across a number of advertising networks.  As one of the first companies to operate an opt-in/opt-out contextual advertising network, we served over 100,000 users every day.  We evaluated the profitability of each campaign and adapted our tactics to the channels that were most cost-effective.  To help sell our advertising inventory, we worked with many third-party ad networks.
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