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Screener.co is the most powerful low-cost global stock screener. It is a SaaS web-based tool that is sold as a monthly subscription. The tool, itself, was developed by New Media Properties founder Lenny Grover using data obtained through a partnership with Thomson Reuters. Screener.co launched into Beta on stage at the LAUNCH conference in 2011 and began selling subscriptions in May 2011.

SafeProfile allowed users to track the visitors to their MySpace profile.  By loading an image each time somebody visits a profile, it captured the IP address, location, and profile of the visitor (if they are already in our system). SafeProfile was acquired from a third party when it was relatively small and then was promoted aggressively through Google AdWords and other channels in the 2005 to 2006 timeframe. With the steep decline of MySpace causing attrition among users, it was shut down in 2012.
ByteMyCode is a social code sharing site that allows users to post useful snippets of code and share them with other programmers.  It includes all the usual Web 2.0 features like tagging, favorites, and a user rating system. It was acquired from a third-party.
SearchSquire was one of the first contextual marketing advertising software packages.  It was also one of the first such services to employ the opt-in/opt-out distribution methods which has since been identified as an industry best practice.  It prompted users and requested affirmative consent before installing and could be uninstalled directly from the Add/Remove Programs menu of the system control panel.  At its peak, it had over 100,000 unique US users each day.  It has seen been phased out.
AllYourSearch was an Internet search engine that served thousands of users each day when it was actively promoted. It was the centerpiece of a traffic arbitrage strategy.
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